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sam has the latest. tonight's the night. are you ready to win $500 million? millions lining up right now, from coast to coast. some waiting three hours for their golden tickets. 100,000 being sold every minute. we're live inside the vault where the lucky balls are locked up and ready to pop right now. >> it's powerball fever on "gma." he's sorry now. that teenage star of "two and a half men" apologizing for his rant guest the hit show. now the man who calls himself the star's spiritual mentor is speaking out to "gma." why he says the show is teaching lies. ballroom shocker. the show-stopping finale in the ballroom. melissa rycroft crowned the dancing queen. the top finalists flying all night on our "gma" express to be here live this morning for the biggest "dancing with the stars" afterparty ever. >> good morning, america!
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you got that good morning, america, from the dancing champs. they arrived here moments ago, after flying all night long. we're going to have the big afterparty coming up this morning. and everyone, also this morning, all revved up about the powerball. so much excitement about that $500 million jackpot. there we see suzanne vega right there. i'll bet robin has a couple tickets at home. and amy robach, we've all seen your tickets. >> does everybody here have tickets? >> we're in. >> we'll let you know how that works out for us on thursday. also, we have plenty of news as well. that big battle on capitol hill, over who will replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. we have abc's martha raddatz here to weigh in on it. >> you see u.n. ambassador susan rice right there. she had a tough day on capitol hill yesterday. also coming up, our exclusive one-on-one. the no-holds-barred interview with brat pitt. what he has to say about turning 50 and bringing up the kids with angelina.
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and we begin with the major storms let to hit the west. let's go right to sam for the very latest. >> yeah, this is the season where you start to get the storms into northern california and the west. this one is a stackup here. look at this 3-d view. look at the ripples in the clouds. this is the first storm on the coastline. the rain in california today. to the west, that's the second storm. over here, on the curve of the earth, that's the third storm. all three carry heavy amounts of rain. 110-mile-per-hour wind gusts on the mountain tops. 70 to 80-mile-per-hour gusts on the shoreline. locally, nine inches of rain. north of san francisco, your rerks ureka, redding, six inches of rain.
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the gusty winds, each time one of those lows makes a punch on the coastline. again, the worst weather from medford to san francisco. airport delays starting today at san francisco all the way through to the weekend. we'll tell everybody what they get out of the storm in just a minute. >> thanks, sam. first, the powerball fever. the $500 million jackpot is climbing before tonight's drawing. and steve osunsami is on the scene where it will happen in tallahassee, florida. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the studio where the magic could happen tonight. and it feels like ft. knox. these machines and the dozens of balls were pulled from a locked vault. and only a select few people will be allowed in this room when the drawing takes place tonight. this game is on. >> this is obviously the winning ticket. >> reporter: the people who run the powerball lottery tell us that today they expect to sell
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more than 105,000 $2 tickets a minute. when it's all said and done, that's at least 189 million tickets for tonight's $500 million jackpot, more than double the number sold for saturday's drawing where no one won. >> it's hard to imagine how the tickets are selling because we're in this territory so rarely. it's the stratosphere of jackpots. >> reporter: that explains what's happening at minimarts and gas stations across the country. where millions of americans with champagne wishes and caviar dreams are lining up to buy tickets. >> i'm going to win it. this is a winner. >> i'm going to the bahamas. >> i'll be paying off my house. >> reporter: at this outpost in arizona, bordering two states where the powerball is not for sale, the line was endless, with californians and nevadans, trying to get in on the action. >> oh, i'd say the line has to be about 3, 3 1/2 hours. >> reporter: at the studio, where the numbers will be drawn, there are cameras everywhere, spying on workers as they ready machines. lottery officials in several
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states watching these feeds in real-time. anyone who enters or leaves the gau vault is documented. and workers who handle the lottery balls wear gloves. worried that human touch can change what numbers are drawn. if there is a single winner who chooses the cash option, the payout is a very comfortable, george, $327 million. >> okay. before taxes, after all. steve, thanks very much. >> the lottery balls are so loud. he's like in a wind tunnel talking like that. what are you guys going to do with the money? >> share it with you. >> split it. >> thank you. oh, that's so nice. thank you. i'm not sharing it with you. >> wow. >> just kidding. of course, i am. all right. i'll definitely share it with sam. >> thanks, thanks. now to the battle brewing over who will be the nerks secretary of state. no final decision from president obama. the front-runner is susan rice, the u.n. ambassador.
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and she ran into a buzzsaw yesterday on capitol hill, when she met with republican senators critical of her nomination. take a look. >> the concerns i have today are greater than they were before. and we're not even close to getting the basic answers. >> i want to say that i'm more troubled today. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers. >> abc's jonathan karl is covering all this from washington. jon, on sunday, it looked like some of the senators, graham and mccain, had softened their opposition. but not after the meeting yesterday. what went wrong in that room? >> reporter: once again, they clashed over what rice said about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. in the days after the attack. sources in the meeting said that rice started off by acknowledging that some of what she said was not true. but she presented evidence that that came directly from the cia, everything that she said. the senators responded by accusing both her and the cia of shading it for political reasons. rice, as you can imagine, forcefully denied that. and, george, so did the acting cia director, who was with her in the meeting. the republican senators just didn't buy it.
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>> jon, the white house insists president obama has not made the decision to nominate ambassador rice for secretary of state. but they also say that this opposition isn't going to make any difference in that decision. >> reporter: they've been consistent in saying that. and rice herself has told people she had no idea whether or not the president will nominate her. the white house tells me she is very much the leading candidate. and hillary clinton, friends of hillary clinton say, that they expect her to leave immediately after the president's first term is over, in early january. so time is really running out on that, george. i would expect a decision on this very soon. certainly well before christmas. >> rice will be meeting with more senators today? >> reporter: that's right. including bob corker, another big critic, who said she's better suited to be the dnc chairman. the chairman of the democratic party than the secretary of state. she's not shying away from her critics. >> another tough meeting ahead. thanks, jon karl. let's get more from abc's security correspondent, martha raddatz. martha, this comes at a critical
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time. not only is secretary of state clinton leaving. also, the secretary of defense, leon panetta. and of course david petraeus out at the cia. all these vacancies are happening when there's a lot of hot spots in the world bubbling up. >> there are, george. this is a critical time. the election may be over. but look ahead. you have iran, who is trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. you have north korea, there's satellite photos just out showing that north korea would like to try to test another long-range ballistic missile. and you have afghanistan. this is such a critical time in afghanistan. they're putting together drawdown plans. and what the u.s. does after 2014. >> the big decision there is how many troops to leave in right now. and then, how quickly to ramp down, going to 2014. >> how quickly. and general john allen who is under investigation because of the e-mails involved in the petraeus affair. >> martha raddatz, thanks very much. we get the rest of the top headlines from josh. >> good morning. we're going to begin with the big ruling affecting big tobacco. a federal judge in washington has ordered the major cigarette
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makers to take out ads in which they publicly admit they lied about the dangers of smoking. they must take out ads that say that smoking is responsible for 1,200 deaths per day. and details on a fire in a clothing company in bangladesh. owned by a company that sup plies retail chains here in the united states. 112 people died in the blaze you see here. and we learned overnight, three factory officials have now been arrested, accused of locking the doors, trapping workers inside. the few who survived the blaze say they were told to ignore the fire alarms and get back to work. and dramatic video here from the civil war raging in syria. rebels claim to have shot down the military helicopter you see here with a surface-to-air missile. also, today, at least 34 people were killed in twin car bombings near the capital of damascus. and the florida socialite caught up in the cia sex scandal is fighting back, trying to reclaim her reputation.
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attorneys for jill kelley are accusing a new york businessman of defaming kelley, suggesting she try to use her connections to general david petraeus to broker a foreign business deal. kelley's legal team claiming government sources are responsible for leaks to the media about kelley's personal life. and a frightening case of road rage in oakland, california. take a look. a pair of men pulling up to a couple, recording their reckless driving. and as you can see here, one of the men waved a gun. the other tried to jump into the couple's car, shooting at them. but then missing. the men were arrested a few hours later. if you thought traveling for thanksgiving was expensive, brace yourself for the coming christmas travel period. "usa today" reporting that airfares to the most popular destinations next month will be roughly 8% higher than last year. and if you travel on the saturdays around the holiday, you can expect to pay about 25% more. hotel rates are also up in some
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cities. finally, on the list of things that can go wrong on live television, what you're about to see, not too bad. but we had to marvel at the composure of our colleague, meteorologist eduardo rodriguez. one of our partner there is at univision. take a look at this, sammy. there's eduardo, doing the weather. and that is not a muppet. that's a cat that just walked right in. you can hear everybody in the studio, including his co-anchors, laughing hysterically at the cat, who decided to get a little air time. for some unfortunate parts. eduardo, as you can see, the picture of calm, as he talked about what looks like a real mild day. it's terrific. it was not going to leave. it was on. what do you think? >> i think he's a marvelously composed gentleman. why are there cats in the studio? >> that's a good question. follow-up-free. george? amy? >> let's go back to amy. now, we're talking about the big concerns about the pork you're eating. a new study in "consumer
7:12 am
reports" found pork chops and ground pork contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick. much of that bacteria resistant to antibiotics. how worried should you be? dr. richard besser is here right now. this is a bacteria called yersinia. which most of us have not heard of. what should we be concerned about? >> "consumer reports" tested 198 pork samples from six states. they found that 70% of those had yersinia on them. or were contaminated. ground pork was at greater risk than the pork chops. >> this is the dangerous bacteria that can make you sick. but we should point out, the u.s. department of agriculture says it's not alarmed by the study. saying companies are meeting the established guidelines for protecting the public's health. they say the pork producers
7:13 am
council calls this study junk science, designed to scare consumers into purchasing only organic pork. is this a good study? what should consumers take away from it? >> "consumer reports" doesn't give us enough information to fully evaluate their study. but there are some concerns here. they raise concerns about antibiotics being used in animals to promote growth. and they say doing that can raise the risk that have the animals can get resistant infections and pass them along to humans. this doesn't add a lot to that information. >> no question that yersinia does cause food poisoning. this is about properly handling and cooking your pork at the end of the day. >> test ease -- it's easy to prevent. cook your pork well. pork should be at 145 degrees. ground pork to 160. use separate cutting boards for raw meat and other foods. and wash your hands when handling raw meat. >> very important, indeed. dr. richard besser, as always, thank you. george, over to you. >> amy, thank you. we're going to turn, now, to a violent home invasion, that has sparked a federal investigation. fbi and dea agents have joined the search for clues in an attack that put a prominent new hampshire doctor and his wife in the hospital. and john schriffen is in bedford, new hampshire, with the
7:14 am
latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: george, good morning. as you can see behind me, the driveway to this home is blocked off, because this is still a very active crime scene. while police suggest they do have some leads, they say at this point, none are specific enough to be helpful. crime scene units comb through this million-dollar mansion throughout the night, looking for any evidence of who could have brutally assaulted dr. eduardo casada and his wife, before leaving them for dead. >> the homeowners were confronted by a person or persons of interest. >> reporter: this morning, agents from the fbi and dea have joined the investigation. as dr. casada, a respected anesthesiologist, clings to life at the hospital where he normally works. police say the couple was viciously attacked saturday night, after an apparent home invasion. his wife, sonia, was able to escape, covered in blood. she knocked on a neighbor's door after the attack. that's where police found her, shortly after someone called 911.
7:15 am
>> it could have potentially been a hostage situation. that was a consideration that was part of the plan. but the overarching concern was for the safety of the homeowner and the child. >> reporter: when police stormed the house, they found the couple's 2-year-old child unharmed and no sign of intruders. dr. casada, however, was near death. >> the focus of this case was the couple. and maybe in particular, the doctor. and that they went there, with intention to, perhaps, steal something. but also to harm the doctor. >> reporter: last year, dr. casada was reportedly arrested at the house, after a domestic disturbance call. the charges were later dropped. and police won't say if the two incidents are related. meantime, this morning, this normally quiet town is reeling. at this point, police will not say if the family was targeted or if anything was stolen. only that they have a person of interest. but no one under arrest. george? >> a lot of questions remain. john, thanks very much.
7:16 am
now, we have royal news, huh? >> we do. william and kate. we love to talk about them. america's always watching, as is the world. the duchess making headlines with a brand-new look last night. and the couple currently on the brink of a life-changing decision. the prince, just days away from choosing to extend his service as a soldier or becoming a full-time royal. abc's lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: this morning's full lineup of events may be a test of sorts. is william ready to give up high-octane adrenaline-fueled flying life as a search and rescue pilot to start standing in more and more for his grandmother, the queen? six events. that's six here in cambridge. the two of them, drawing huge crowds wherever they go. even kate, the glamorous half of this dynamic duo, is stepping out on her own. solo last night. debuting a glossy, new hair cut,
7:17 am
with a dress reminiscent of diana. >> william and i are two of millions of people, who have passed through these doors. and marvelled at the spectacular wonders of the natural world. >> reporter: the prince has made no secret that he finds it difficult to juggle both jobs. but he and kate love their private life in wales, away from the paparazzi's prying eyes. especially as parenthood beckons. >> if he could stay in the military when they do have their first child, because that gives them the opportunity to have a little bit of family life, away from the spotlight of being full-time royals. >> reporter: as they plan their future together and start a family of their own, which life will the prince choose? for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, cambridge. >> it's a tough call. we'll have to wait and see. now, to sam and a check on the weather. >> we started this morning with the storms on the west. we'll show you the storm that just left on the eastern coast. a lot of traffic accidents in that slippery mess, that little bit of accumulating snow in some cases.
7:18 am
we're going to show you pictures i believe -- there you go, out of pennsylvania. northeastern pennsylvania. monroe county, if i'm right with that. and some of the fender benders and traffic accidents on the slippery surfaces there. locally, six inches in new jersey. the peak snowfall total we were able to find. three to four inches in the darker areas. new york city, just a trace. philly, just a trace. baltimore, nothing. d.c., nothing out of that storm. here's where we get today with some cooler, drier air. we're looking at 32 degrees in boston. about 34 in new york city. philly, about 35 degrees. pittsburgh, about 31. this is a little chillier than you normally would expect this time of year. but at least, it's dry and it will get the snow out of the way you had to deal with. the storm lining up in the west, there's several of them. plenty of cold air. it reminds us to remind you we're in the middle of our coat drive right now. swing by a burlington coat factory story and drop off a gently worn coat.
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>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. josh? amy? george? >> thank you. coming up here on "gma," the 19-year-old star of "two and a half men" says he's sorry. apologizing for his scathing words about the hit show. now, the man who says he's his spiritual mentor is speaking out to "gma." and brad pitt. our one-on-one exclusive interview with the superstar, opening up about his kids, angelina, and how he really feels about getting older. and take a look. there they were on the plane. the "dancing with the stars" folks on their way here live in the studio. there she is, the champion, melissa rycroft, and all of the gang, joining us in moments. . there she is, the champion, melissa rycroft, and all of the gang, joining us in moments. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination
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[ male announcer ] get a $100 walmart gift card when you buy any android or windows 8 smartphone. through december 1st. from america's gift headquarters. walmart. sue hall is following the morning commute. getting wetter and heavier. san rafael southbound 101 very heavy as you pass the civic center rain on the ground, in the skies at the golden gate
7:25 am
bridge moderate traffic here. north 238 at east 14th accident in the median there. northbound 248 new accident reported there. when we come back, meteorologist lisa argen will
7:26 am
7:27 am
good morning you can see fog and haze over san francisco we have rain now, gusty winds as well the rain focused in the north bay now
7:28 am
it is overspreading the east bay into richmond, peninsula wind gusts, hayward 25 miles an hour this will
7:29 am
♪ there they are. blockbuster morning. the "dancing with the stars" all-stars here live.
7:30 am
they got off the plane early this morning. walked into times square. and the snow, too, blowing. mirrorball trophy. tony dovolani, and melissa rycroft. d.j. irie spinning all morning long. and behind these doors, the ladies, shawn, kelly, melissa getting ready. and the guys, tony, derek and val. i think they're close to getting ready. >> it's hard to get ready with this on. >> i think you'll manage. the guys are looking good. are you ready to come down to the after-party? >> we're ready. >> amy, hope you brought your dancing shoes. >> i did, lara. also ahead, what do you do if you win the powerball jackpot tonight? we're going to hear from some of the biggest lottery winners ever, about what to do and what not to do if you have the winning ticket. >> share it with your friends and buy yourself a dancing lesson or two.
7:31 am
and brad pitt, opening up in a special interview. he is discussing that burgeoning family of his, with angelina jolie. and talks about turning 50 and a word or two about the chanel ads. angus t. jones set up a firestorm when he called "two and a half men" filth and telling fans not to watch it. he's apologizing to the co-stars and the producers. the big question, will he keep his job? >> i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please, stop watching it. >> reporter: when angus t. jones, one of the stars of "two and a half men," recorded this religious rant, lambasting his popular sitcom. >> please stop filling your head with filth. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine he could have predicted the backlash. >> brainwashed? exploited? >> reporter: but this morning, after international headlines and millions of views online, the young man who recently
7:32 am
joined the seventh day adventist church is now saying, i'm sorry. i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues, jones says in a statement. i never intended that. but many in hollywood now wonder if this new apology is too little, too late. >> they'll see us and be i can be a christian and be on a show like "two and a half men." you can't. >> reporter: the man sitting next to jones in that youtube sensation, christopher hudson. a seventh day adventist who runs a ministry called the forerunner cronicles. >> i never watched "two and a half men." >> reporter: hudson has been described as jones' spiritual actor. >> the show is not teaching truth. it's teaching lies. >> reporter: others accuse hudson of doing just that. >> that's not faith at its best. >> reporter: warner brothers,
7:33 am
which produces "two and a half men" isn't talking. but one of the former men is. >> you say i got dumped. >> reporter: charlie sheen played jones' uncle until he was publicly fired in his own spat with producers last year. now, the star of "anger management," sheen is reportedly calling "two and a half men" cursed. telling abc news overnight, my former nephew is welcomed at the "goodson anger management" home anytime. as for jones, he's not expected to be back on the set until next year. while jones joined a new church, his character, jake, went off and joined the army. >> jake? >> reporter: "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. for more, we're joined by actor, stephen baldwin. he's been outspoken proponent about his faith in hollywood, since becoming a born-again christian. you hear what angus jones said in the taped piece. and you see the backlash he's
7:34 am
receiving from speaking out publicly, are you surprised about that reaction? >> not really. you're asking the wrong guy here. if you ask me, it sounds like angus is having an authentic experience with the gospel of jesus christ. it's a serious thing. a real, true walk of christianity is very difficult, quite radical. it seems to me, he was a young man when he started. and now, he's kind of coming into his own. and he's connected with his pastor. and now, he's kind of -- it's not what you say. it's how you say it. he didn't mean to sound the way he did. but it's admirable for sticking up for what he believes in. >> and we hear from angus' mother, saying she is worried that the church may be exploiting him. and the pastor has said controversial things recently. when you're 19 years old, how do you know, especially because you're a public figure, you're not being exploited? >> i met angus recently. and got to spend a little time with him, in a political scenario. and i think he knows exactly
7:35 am
what he's doing. again, he meant to probably have it come out differently. he didn't want to offend chuck lorre or any of the people from the show or be disrespectful. but i think he means what he says when he finds, now, if you hold up the content of his show, to the bible, what he is saying is, now, there's a conflict for me. >> does an actor have to quit a role if it conflicts with his beliefs? >> that depends on the actor. i have -- listen. >> you've chosen not to -- >> i'm getting ready to direct two or three movies next year that are faith-based films. i'm full-blown faith-based right now. that's just where i am at in my walk of christianity. but let me tell you something. isn't it weird, as a christian, i had a casting director come up to me two years ago and say, i'm really sorry because i brought your name up in castings for a while, now, and they look at me like i'm crazy. >> is it possible to be successful in hollywood and be an outspoken christian? >> sure doesn't seem like it, now does it? >> what advice do you have for
7:36 am
angus? >> listen. he's in the last season of the show. i think he's being very respectful now. i think he ought to walk his walk and stand up for what he believes in. and finish out the season. and go about his business. >> we want to mention, stephen, that you work to promote breast cancer research. named for your mother. a breast cancer survivor. we want to let everyone know, they can head to on yahoo! stephen, thanks for being with us and sharing your personal insights. appreciate it. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. sam, over to you. >> good morning. we like to say there's room for everybody at the table. let's get to the boards. we have rain and big storms lined up for the west coast. it looks like that heavy rain from san francisco, up towards seattle. this will be the heaviest rain in the next 24 hours of the 3 systems. but each one of them will pack a punch with rain and wind. it will be sloppy and messy. and there will be travel delays on the roads or in the air in that direction. this morning in san antonio, 38
7:37 am
degrees this morning. just brutal cold. all the way deep into texas. that cold air gets replaced over the next few days. take a look at denver, warming up to 60. 67, 67. but 72 on saturday. new orleans is also a little bit chilly this morning at 59. but you're going to 75 by the time we get to saturday. chicagoland, you'll feel a little bit of that warmth, as well, getting back into the 50s. a quick look at the big boards. right now, that's where all that >> all of that weather was brought to you by famous footwear. now, to the desk and josh, amy, george, lara. >> hello. >> amy, is a question? >> no. no. with a pause. >> okay. >> the drama.
7:38 am
i like it. coming up, speaking of drama. we have our exclusive one-on-one with brad pitt. plus, we're about to kick off our biggest "dancing with the stars" after-party ever. and everybody has powerball fever. let's head outside to the new york lottery queen, yolanda vega. coming up, we'll hear from the lucky lottery winners how they won the giant jackpot. only here on "gma." even though our mom tries, she doesn't really get us. and she'll never know who we are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! they're so awesome! nike! wow! yeahhhh! thank you! who's your mommy now? it's a christmas miracle. give victoriously. famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. i've got to get breakfast ready for my two leading ladies.
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[ cheers and applause ] all right. very, very excited here in times square. you can see, we've got the machine going here. but the real machine, where it's all at, tallahassee, florida. that's where the numbers will be picked tonight. oh, those numbers. if only we could find out which one it is. and what it's really like to be one of the lucky few who wins
7:43 am
that big prize. abc's linsey davis has the story of life after cashing in on the winning ticket. >> reporter: they're part of the uber elite club. only 95 members strong. >> starting out with 22. >> reporter: all extremely lucky individuals, who, with the help of a giant rotating tub of ping-pong balls, have beaten incredible odds and won a jackpot for $100 million or more. >> gabriela. this has your name on it, girl. >> reporter: membership has its privileges. the next inductee will get $500 million payout. that's the net worth of will smith, britney spears, and jennifer aniston combined. with $500 million, you can knock on oprah's california home, tell her you want to buy five of them, and have $75 million to spare. but the luckiest people of all, are those who, years later, haven't managed to go broke.
7:44 am
>> been married 41 years. i know what to do with this check. >> reporter: people like jim and carolyn mccullar, who had a ticket worth $190 million. >> my kids, my grandkid, my great grandkids and their children also. we're not going to blow this. >> reporter: now, almost two years later, they've managed to do just what they said. they've set up trust funds for their 4 kids and 23 grandchildren, been very generous with donations. and most importantly, haven't blown their millions. and cynthia stafford, who won $112 million hasn't, either. >> it's a blessing. and people who receive it that way, they tend to keep it. i'm involved with a number of organizations. and it just warms my heart to be able to do these things. >> reporter: she's using her payday to pay it forward, big-time.
7:45 am
advice that, for wednesday night's winner, will likely be priceless. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all it takes is a couple dollars and a dream, people. and coming up, we have another lucky winner. wait until you see which superstar is hitting the jackpot. being revealed as entertainer of the year by "entertainment weekly." we'll reveal that ahead. also, "play of the day" time. all about luck. picking your right numbers. wait until you see what happens next. just freeze it. hungry for the best?
7:46 am
7:47 am
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7:48 am
and even bigger with hd+. find yours at barnes & noble.
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> wow. >> hey. nice start. yolanda vega. thank you, yolanda. of course, she is the legendary face of the lottery in these parts, presided over so many lottery drawings, yolanda.
7:50 am
hopefully nothing like this has happened to you. look at a drawing in south carolina last year. things going according to plan. and then -- [ laughter ] >> i love that face. >> it shot -- everybody won that night. everybody won. >> pure terror. >> i get it, though. they're not supposed to do that. >> yolanda, has anything like that happened to you? >> it's never happened, in 23 years of me doing the lottery. i hope it never does. my heart won't be able to take it. >> maybe you step away from the big vat of balls there. and people, here it comes, $500 million. is it going to be you? i don't know about that. our biggest "dancing with the stars" after-party ever, on the way. our winners are in. there's d.j. irie. spinning things. go nowhere. [ female announcer ] the craving for chocolate...
7:51 am
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good morning i'm kristen
7:56 am
sze. the brunt of the storm we've been expecting is approaching the bay area. arriving flights at sfo delayed four hours. let's get the latest from meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. heavy rain off the coast of the north bay, rain picking up, light to moderate north bay moving south and east across oakland and peninsula in san francisco. we'll have this through 11:00, then a break tomorrow. more heavy rain thursday night. high winds on all bridges this morning. san jose 87 busy, raining peer past hp pavillion. couple accidents north 101 at marsh lane two second from the left blocked. new report of an accident north 17 at bear creek. we are unclear on a lane but expect delays there. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ if you want to scream, yeah this morning, ballroom's best, take over "good morning america," live, in times square. last night, on "dancing with the stars," it was ladies' night. big moves.
8:00 am
sizzling moments. and it all came down to this. reality star, melissa rycroft, crowned the real deal in the ballroom. she's here, live, with her partner, tony dovolani. plus, kelly monaco, val, shawn johnson and derek hough. it's the "dancing with the stars" all-star after-party, live. starting right now. >> all kinds of excitement right here in times square. we have a ballroom set up. d.j. irie rocking the house this morning. it's going to be the biggest after-party ever. the new champ, melissa rycroft, flew all night long to be here. there they are this morning. tony dovolani, as well. great to see that smile on his face. robin probably has his dancing slippers on at home. great to have amy robach here. >> we can't wait to get the inside scoop after a fantastic season. what really went on behind the
8:01 am
scenes? we're going to get all those answers. and here, the stars come. walk on down. >> yay. >> nice to see them win it. another winner these days, brad pitt. we have a big one-on-one with him. it's our exclusive this morning, with the world's biggest superstar. he talks about raising a family with angelina. and how that's changed his life. and also, about how he really feels about getting older. stay right there. stay right there. we've got a very special -- you, too. we have a very special reveal ahead. who is "entertainment weekly" crowning as entertainer of the year? who is it? we can't tell you just yet. >> it looks like your profile. >> i do a very good "there's no business like show business." i actually don't. no. and, no, george. no. it was a joke. it was a --
8:02 am
josh, save him with some news. >> we'll begin. concerns on wall street this morning. stocks are set to drop once again today. global markets have felt it this morning. investors, increasingly worried about that so-called fiscal cliff, of tax increases and spending cuts, looming at year's end. today, that and president obama will meet with a group of middle-class americans, hoping to convince congress to protect tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000 per year. it will be another tough day of questioning for susan rice, the likely nominee to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. rice, facing critics for a second-straight day. they say she misled the public after the attacks in libya. rice said she was using the cia information available to her at that time. but after talks yesterday, republican senators, including john mccain, say they are even more troubled, now, about rice's responses. and after the repeal of the don't ask/don't tell ban on gays in the military, four women are
8:03 am
challenging the ban on women in combat. their lawsuit claims the 1994 rule keeping them out of ground combat also unfairly blocks them from promotion. it comes as officers are on aer is survey, asking if women would be a distraction in combat operations. and police in new york, say a bus driver apparently lost control before slamming into the house you see here. the bus drove into a front bedroom, killing a young boy who was sleeping. another child in the room at the same time is expected to be okay. and the odds, some 1 in 175 million. but it is the only thing people are talk about, tonight's powerball jackpot. now stands at $500 million. with a "b." the most ever, for the multistate lottery. it could go even higher. 60% of powerball tickets are sold on the day of the jackpot.
8:04 am
you figure, maybe we're talking about $600 million by day's end. and finally, if you win it, you could impress somebody, perhaps, at the airport. calling it love at first flight. do we really need another dating service? take a look at this. a new one, aimed at travelers stuck in airports. perhaps, bored or just looking for mr. or ms. right., has signed up 20,000 subscribers. most frequent flyers, hoping to meet while waiting at the gate. are you ready for it? hoping that relationship will take off. >> all right. well done. >> i'm done. we haven't had a walkoff in a while. that's it. good night. you're going to want to stick around for "pop news." that was fabulous, josh. you know i love a good pun. hey, everybody. good morning to you. and to you. this morning, we begin "pop news" with big news coming from "us weekly." releasing a big scoop this
8:05 am
morning. seventh months after the birth of her baby girl, jessica simpson is reportedly pregnant again. she's been in the news lately celebrating her post-baby weight loss. but this comes as a joyful holiday surprise for jessica and her fiance, eric johnson, who were reportedly shocked and thrilled. they'll be just over a year apart. >> almost like twins. >> exactly. and great news for lenny kravitz. the grammy winner set to play marvin gaye in a new bio pic, slated to start filming some time next year. the film will focus on gaye's time in the '80s, when he was trying to get his career back on-track. kudos to mr. kravitz for his first leading role. we'll let you know what's going on with this one. finally, if your family
8:06 am
follows the tradition of the elf on a shelf, you know the magical fellow moves around the home, making sure your kids stay on santa's nice list. you want to keep one eye open while you're sleeping. apparently the elf is up to more than doing good works for santa. as this photo shows, there's the little fella, with a razor, getting down to business. yes. >> sum up? >> there's an elf on a shelf. >> it's an evil elf. >> oh. you need to hide it every day. >> you hide it every day. you haven't done this with your daughter? we'll explain it to you later. he moves around. >> and they watch the kids. >> but i'm hearing, the elf on a shelf, may have -- the elf on a shelf has struck again. this time, in our control room. oh, my gosh. hold on.
8:07 am
oh, no, tom. be careful. >> where's your hair? >> and that, everybody, is "pop news." >> there he is, again. you never know where he might strike next. sam champion. be careful while we do the pop quiz, everybody. today, we ask, who is this cutie? come on. let's see the picture. this is one of our "dancing with the stars" all-star finalists. who are these cuties? we're going to reveal. >> tony looks just like that. >> he does. sam, now, it's time for you to do weather and do it with one eye open. >> i'm still trying to find it. >> somebody's watching. >> i know. right there by the snail. or, it's a lion. >> nothing says christmas like a snail. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things that we'd like you to know before you step out the door this morning. how about a lovely boston live
8:08 am
shot. coming in after the rainy, icy. today, we get the dry wind that kicks in behind everything. and will manage to be on the cool side, at least for a couple of days. there is a warm-up trend coming. the elf is a little bit scary. it has an odd smile. i don't know. it just does. new york city, boston, philadelphia, washington, d.c., all keeping on the cold side for just a couple more days. then, we'll get this milder air that moves in from the west. this morning, you're not thinking mild when you're in texas. but the daytime temperatures will jump up to 65, 66 degrees in the great state of texas. 56 in atlanta
8:09 am
>> now, i know, this elf will show up everywhere, all the way up until christmas and new year's. >> you never know. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." dishing with the stars. the finalists are here with behind-the-scenes scoop. and one last dance. it is our biggest after-party. stay with us for that. and then, as if that wasn't enough, we've got brad pitt. it's a "gma" exclusive. then, we're going to reveal "entertainment weekly's" entertainer of the year. you'll only find out who it is right here on "good morning america," live in times square. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins.
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8:15 am
d.j. irie, going crazy. the crowd, so excited about "dancing with the stars." first, the answer -- the answer. i can't hear myself. the answer to our pop quiz. who were these little babies? these adorable, little babies? you probably guessed the guy. of course, tony. that's so you. you have not changed a bit. and beautiful melissa. all growed up. and now -- [ cheers and applause ] congratulations. they are our winners for "dancing with the stars," all-star champions. really excited to talk to them. george, take it away. >> everybody's ready. you guys are ready for this? the finals last night. and in the end, a first-time champ. it may have been the biggest upset in dancing history. this was the decisive moment. >> melissa and tony.
8:16 am
>> the new champs, melissa rycroft, tony dovolani. kelly monaco, and val chmerkovskiy. congratulations to everybody. tony, you have to introduce your new partner. >> this is my daughter. i did it for her. everything i do in my life i do for my kids. melissa made me a champion. she wanted that mirrorball trophy. >> i'll bet she did. she is loving seeing herself on tv. first-time champ. >> i know. this whole season, i think tony and i underestimated ourselves. and thought we were underdogs. and totally unexpected. it's such a surprise. >> i loved your attitude. you said yesterday, i know i should be nervous. but i'm just so excited. just to take it all in and
8:17 am
enjoying the ride. >> yeah. >> do you think that has something to do with just being able to perform the way you did? >> i think so. i think feeling, we didn't have anything to prove, meant you could go out and not be nervous. and go, and leave it all on the dance floor. if you made yourself happy, leave it at that. and i think that gave us the ability to just kind of go out with confidence. >> tony, you've been on since what? season two? >> season two. it took 12 seasons for me to get the mirrorball trophy. it was worth every bit of it. i have to say, it couldn't have come at a better date. it was my wife and my anniversary, 13 years. pretty great. an amazing moment for all the albanians in america. it's 100 years -- >> congratulations. >> it's unreal. but i'm so pleased and grateful to melissa because it not only affected me but the entire
8:18 am
family. >> melissa, we have a special message for you this morning. take a look. >> baby, we couldn't be anymore proud of you. you are so amazing. i knew you would do it all along. god is good. and we're proud to get you back to dallas. and we really need you back because eva needs her momma. right? go, momma. yay, momma. >> love it. the support i had this season. >> i'll bet it is. shawn and derek, you guys really put on a show. the other night, scared us half to death. tell us about the story, about the break in the rules and what difference you think that made? >> for me, it was an all-star season. it was season 15. honestly, it was just about entertaining, you know, all the people. and entertaining fans. and pushing it. >> so, take the risk, huh? >> and you know, as far as the performances go, i'm so proud of what we accomplished and what we
8:19 am
did. and i can look back and say we're proud of what we achieved. and really proud of this girl right here. she was sensational. >> it was fun to watch. >> i loved it. you broke a few rules. and i've never seen you -- you got really emotional. we saw you even tear up. >> yeah. i don't know why. but i started acting like -- oh, i did. you know what? i think this season -- it's right there. you know what it was? i had a moment. in that moment, where how much the show meant to me. and how the memories of everything. and meeting all these amazing people. you know, the pros. just everything. everything about the show, just is incredible. just a positive thing. >> we even had the fierce five out there. >> we did. getting to have my girls, be a part of the finale, kind of wrapped up this whole journey, meant the world to me.
8:20 am
everything they've been through, going to london and the success they've had. for them to come back and support me in this, that was pretty cool. and getting -- i don't know. it was too cool. >> kelly, what a journey you've had. going back to season one, when you said you're almost embarrassed to win. but now, it's vindication, the all-star finals. >> i feel vindicated. being in the finale with these two, amazingly talented women, was a success in itself. val has taught me the fundamentals of dance. i feel like i could go out there anytime and shake a tail feather. >> you shook your tail feather all right. you both shook it quite a lot. you left everybody wondering. i know brooke asked you. and i loved your answer. we still have a lot of press to do. now that it's all over -- >> it's just starting. what are you talking about? >> but we're family. so, everybody wants to know, you keep saying, you guys are just
8:21 am
friends. but the chemistry is magical. we got some video that would support that, would you say? take a look. >> oh. >> you're very, very good friends. >> do you know how many -- >> oh, good friends. >> best friends for life. >> honestly -- >> i really like my friends. >> by the way, these girls did well in all of the finals, too. and those guys, the gentlemen, those were some tough competitors. >> think about the whole season. everybody, from the first episode, was so strong out there on the floor. it was really something to see. >> probably one of the best seasons we could have ever hoped for. it was all-stars. it was called all-stars. and the numbers were not
8:22 am
disappointing, every aspect. >> she is loving herself. >> a budding star here. >> do we have enough time, in the control room, to give val our present? all right. really quickly, val, this is from all of the ladies at "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] we want to say thank you, val. thank you, val. [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations to all of you. a lot more coming up. the big danceoff is ahead in a few minutes. now, we go to amy. >> thanks so much. we have more star power, now. the morning exclusive interview with brad pitt. he's starring in a brand-new movie, "killing them softly," playing a killer with a conscience. and brad opened up to elizabeth vargas, about the offbeat role and a subject so close to his heart, his children. >> you play a suave hitman, who
8:23 am
is very cerebral, is good at his job and quotes thomas jefferson. >> i'm the fixer. i clean up the problems. i take a few shots at jefferson, which was difficult for me. i'm a jeffersonian to the core. >> mickey, what's the problem? >> mickey is expensive. >> not at the moment. >> can you get him for 10? >> 15. i think in this economy, 15 for 2 days' work, is pretty good to mickey. >> the whole movie is set on the backdrop of the economic breakdown. it's not subtle, the parallels that the film makes between the mob world and the world at large. >> that wasn't accidental. he poses it against the financial crisis, the bank bailout and the '08 election. and it makes for a provocative material. >> so, you have a birthday coming up. >> yeah. in a month. >> and next year's the big one,
8:24 am
when you turn -- >> 50. >> 50. have you given any thought to that? >> yeah. i've given a lot of thought to it. >> i just turned 50. so -- >> you become very aware of time. and i think becoming a father, you become -- everything is time allocation for me, too. making sure i spend the time wisely on the things that are important to me. and spending the time with the family. >> best part about it? >> mornings, just getting up. >> if you call one place home, is it new orleans? >> we call them base camps, basically. >> really? >> yeah. >> how many do you have? >> we have a base camp in l.a., because a lot of work out of there. and we're trying to set up a european base camp, for the kids to have a little -- they get more sense of normalcy there. we're not as hounded in certain places there. >> is that true? we heard a lot. halle berry maintains in france.
8:25 am
>> france has a rule about photographing kids. and i think they're more sensitive to it since the diana incident. for the kids, it's a better sense of normalcy. >> of all the base camps, that's the one where you feel they get the best shot at a normal life. >> yeah. >> a real kid life. >> we think so. we think so. >> we have much more of brad pitt tomorrow, including what he really thinks about his famous chanel commercial. that's going to be interesting. "killing them softly" is in theaters this friday. coming up, our "dancing with the stars" danceoff. and d.j. irie for the finalists, putting their dancing shoes on. are you putting your dancing shoes on? >> they're already on. >> one unforgettable danceoff, coming up next. can't wait.
8:26 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. bay area bridges are getting whit high winds, heavy rain on its way. arrivals at sfo delayed by four hours already this
8:27 am
morning. let's get an update with sue. >> getting busy with the rain and the wind and high wind advisories on the bridges. live look at skyway off of the bay bridge in san francisco moving at the limit, roads wet, eastbound 380 el camino real, two lanes blocked with an accident, slow on 280 southbound. northbound 101 at marsh accident cleared slow traffic there. westbound 580 in oakland at highway 13 accident cleared but slow. >> we'll check in
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning many strong line of storms expected to move through 8 45 to 9:15 in the bay area 9:30 to 10:30 shifts southeast right now winds gusty heavier rain by carmel, winds gusting up to 35 and 40 miles an hour at our coast wind advisory through 11 cold front pushes through, things calmer by the afternoon. >> the news [ cheers and applause ] there's derek and d.j. irie. they have an after-party rocking already. it's going to be our biggest
8:30 am
ever. >> we have had quite a morning. we have all of the finalists from "dancing with the stars" all-stars here. these couples are prepping right now for one last dance together. it's happening here in our "gma" ballroom. we have huge reveals, ahead, as well. which superstar is about to be crowned "entertainment weekly's" entertainer of the year? >> i'm sad you've been hiding the ballroom before. it's amazing. >> it's a much better show in here. >> it's amazing, up in here. we also have powerball fever. but nothing says rich like being powerball rich. why don't we check outside with lara spencer and yolanda vega. >> guys, we are down here on the edge of our seats, very excited for the big numbers to be called in this historic powerball lottery. i'm here with a woman known by so many as the lottery queen, yolanda vega.
8:31 am
>> yolanda vega. good luck. >> you've been calling the numbers for so many years, more than two decades now. >> yes. >> when the stakes get this high and you're calling the numbers, do you feel the pressure? >> i don't feel pressure realistically. i only announce the oning nue n only. the only pressure i feel, is when people want to rub me for luck. >> yolanda vega. i want to know if you have tips. you've seen it all. you've been in the biz for a long time. what would you say to folks who are going out to buy more tickets? >> continue to play the favorite numbers and birthdays and anniversaries. but put down the $2 for the quick pick. you have to be in it to win it. you never know. >> i knew you would be in it to win it slogan out there. people the more they buy, the luckier they are? that doesn't seem to add up. >> the odds are the same. all you need is one ticket. one $2 ticket and you're in. >> great advice.
8:32 am
buy what you can. don't go crazy. but do go crazy right now. we're heading back upstairs to the ballroom with sam and josh. >> more of our "dancing with the stars" after-party. the finalists have shared more than ten weeks of blood, sweat and tears, perfecting their fancy footwork. we want to see how much they learned about each other off the dance floor on this season of "dancing with the stars." sam? >> we are playing a little game we like to call "two to tango." we'll ask each of you a question about your partner, to find out how well you know your partner. your partners previously answered that question. they will flip over the card. and we'll see who is right. ready to play? >> sure. >> what do you think about the skinny mic? it's great. are you ready to play "two to tango"? tony and melissa are up first. to
8:33 am
tony, we asked of melissa, what was the scariest dance you worked on this season? >> that's easy. fusion. right? >> no. >> freestyle lift. >> tony. we were on eight feet of pedestals. and i was upside down on your head. >> you're right. you're right. >> and we have video of it right now. >> apparently, we do, josh. >> oh. >> there was nothing safe about practicing that. >> that looked scary to me. next question goes to derek. derek, we asked shawn, what about her do you make fun of the most? >> i'd say -- her stature. her height? >> shawn, he's got six words. >> hey. >> that is correct. >> i know you, shawn.
8:34 am
i know you. >> what are some of the words you would use to not say she's short. >> shotty. >> li'l bit. >> munchkin. >> everybody's calling them out. >> i know. i get short jokes like no other on this show. >> the first one were -- >> he claims that -- shawn? oh. >> yeah. or he'd say, we can't do that move because you're just too short. oh. >> that sounds mean. i'm sorry. >> we only have one olympian in the house. and she's shawn. you also have the lead. okay, val. >> yes. >> what does kelly say she loves most about you? what does she say she loves most
8:35 am
about you? >> knowing kelly, it's probably my amazing personality. >> it was close. >> judges? judges? yes. that's correct. yes, yes. >> good job. >> are there a couple of things that didn't make the list? a couple more things? >> that i love most about val? >> yeah. >> well, val, i don't know if i'm talking to valentino or val right now. you have to be clear. there's two separate individuals. >> please, share. >> valentin was my dance instructor. and i can tell you things i don't love about him. val, there are many things that i love about him. and i'll keep it with the sense of humor. >> all right. >> tony and melissa, you have work to do. >> melissa?
8:36 am
>> yeah. >> what costume would you say that tony was most embarrassed to bear? >> this season? you were embarrassed this season? not the mesh from season eight? >> they didn't ask season eight. >> we were trying to keep it to one season. >> was it the caveman? was it because they gave you a mullet? >> let's let this sink in. >> we have some time to fill. let's just let it stay there. >> i had -- that's amazing. >> look at the evolution of man right there. >> so much difference. >> i'm not quite sure. >> that was a 10,000 b.c. yes. all right. we have to break this tie. here we go. shawn? derek's guilty pleasure of food
8:37 am
is what? guilty pleasure food is what? >> i'll give you a little hint. wait, wait. >> nope. guilty pleasure food? sounds like -- we've only got a few minutes. >> go. >> i can't -- >> what? >> oh. oh. >> that was a hint. >> judges? judges? no. breaking the rules, again. what is it? i didn't even hear it. >> always breaking the rules. >> what is it? >> peanut m&ms or nachos. >> kelly, where is the craziest place you rehearsed a routine? >> well, you're getting a little personal now.
8:38 am
the craziest place we rehearsed a routine? oh. >> you have to say -- four hours a day. you have to rehearse when you can. get ready for the show. in a diner? >> no. probably the pool. >> okay. >> oh. >> we have a winner. we have a winner. but i do want, very quickly, we have a message for shawn. okay? very quickly. >> hi, shawn. we are so proud of you. >> we knew you'd make it this far. >> we can't wait to get back on the balance beam with you. >> we all love you. >> oh. >> there you go. you're not short. you're not short. you guys win. kelly and val are the winners. and they still won the
8:39 am
mirrorball. congratulations to you. >> in some way, everybody's a winner. >> what did we win? >> a hug from josh and lara and me. >> a lot of love. >> love from the "gma" team. >> it's a lot of love. thank you for playing "two to tango." weather? >> well, josh, let's talk about our parting gifts, shall we. >> we have weather to discuss. >> we have one or two. we're going to go with the twitter pictures and facebook pictures you've sent in. first, from sparta, new jersey. you get in the foothills and pick up the snow. with oregon, a beautiful shot. what? >> they're using the mic. >> i can't let it go. america doesn't know that this isn't a real microphone. >> not even real. not real. not real. >> but now, they do. thanks, josh. thanks, tony. taking the fun out of it. from l.a., san francisco, portland, seattle, this is the day you're getting your heaviest
8:40 am
rain. but don't forget over the next three day, over the next three days, there are storms that come into the west coast. and so >> all of america's weather was brought to you by the u.s. postal service. josh? lara? >> thank you for playing, samuel. coming up, "entertainment weekly's" entertainer of the year. and these guys, one more dance. a ballroom showdown. go nowhere. [ cheers and applause ]
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
special announcement time. it comes once a year. "entertainment weekly" names its entertainer of the year. it hits newsstands on friday. but our "gma" family is about to learn the big winner first. the editor of "entertainment weekly" is here. and -- >> we have a lot to choose from this year. but i think we made the right decision. can we have the drumroll?
8:44 am
ben affleck. >> oh, wow. >> "argo." >> he's a triple-threat this year. probably up for best director, best actor, possibly. >> and best picture. he's right up there. he's directed a couple of movies before. but he reached the pinnacle of his career this year. and he's going to be right up there with best director with steven spielberg and a lot of great directors. george clooney wrote the piece on him for the magazine. and really talks about how he's, you know, become this world-class director. and the great thing is, we've watched him grow up. and he has never let failure or success keep him down. he's just a great example of how to live and work. >> absolutely. we could tell you, we had him here a few weeks ago. and you could tell how excited and how passionate he was about this project from the start. >> yeah. and he's taken a movie about the iran hostage crisis. and it's made $100 million. not only an important movie and
8:45 am
it has something to say and it's quality -- critical success. but it's also a real commercial movie. you know? >> and a thriller. and pretty funny. >> completely entertaining. >> we found out about this this morning. we have to thank you here at "good morning america," as well. >> you pulled it off. you made the list. you made the list. it was a -- >> there it is, right there. >> it was a banner year for you guys. not just because of the ratings. i mean, that's the main thing. you pulled off this huge feat with the ratings. but it's been great for the audience to watch the chemistry gel. you know? >> and thank you. >> it is the josh/sam bromance. on top of everything else. tom didn't mention it. i have to. >> i love the whole issue. you have tom bergeron write about "gma." george clooney write about ben affleck. >> jimmy fallon on anne
8:46 am
hathaway. and jamie foxx on carrey washington. >> jess cagle, thanks very much. coming up, the "dancing with the stars" finalists hit the dance floor together, one last time.
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] it has been such a great season, hasn't it? >> it has. >> so much excitement. always so much drama. i love it. >> it is great. now, it's time for one, last dance by the "dancing with the stars" all-star finalists. melissa and tony, the big winners. kelly and val, and shawn and derek, all ready to take that final spin. without further ado, let's get to it. >> dancing the samba, melissa rycroft and her partner, tony dovolani. ♪
8:49 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:50 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hi hair. >> kelly monaco, and her partner, valentin chmerkovskiy. >> uh-oh. >> as the music swells. >> thank you. >> hey. ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, dancing the jive, shawn johnson and her partner, derek hough.
8:52 am
>> hey, there. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> fantastic. the finalists of "dancing with the stars," all-stars. and we will be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] d.j. irie and our dancing all-stars. have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. wet and windy morning in the bay area. more stormy weather is on the way. let's get the latest from meteorologist lisa argen.
8:59 am
>> back edge of the front offshore heavier storms in the north bay from windsor to santa rosa wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour, break in san francisco, heavier rain offshore should be moving in the next half hour to hour, then lighter rain in the south bay gusty winds continue through the day. break tomorrow, then more heavy rain thursday night into friday. three problem spots. first sunnyvale northbound 85 fremont avenue, three left lanes blocked with an accident. west 92 connector to southbound 280 accident in right lane. accident highway 4 overturn blocking ramp to westbound 80. >> join announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, recording artist, actress, and author, dolly pardon. and from the series, "grey's anatomy," kevin mckidd. plus, the toy guy is here as we anatomy," kevin mckidd. plus, the toy guy is here as we continue

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